What’s The Best Kitchen Countertop: Marble, Granite Or Quartz?

The best kitchen countertop is a concern many homeowners have. The most frequent concern that Kitchen Warehouse team and interior designers see is the best countertop material.  There are a lot of materials in the market. However, three happen to be among the top. But it may not be easy to choose from among them. Designing your dream kitchen can be tough. So it is essential to know all about the best countertops you can use. There are three materials to consider here- Granite, Marble, and Quartz. Let us look closely at all three.

What's The Best Kitchen Countertop: Marble, Granite Or Quartz?

What’s The Best Kitchen Countertop: Marble, Granite Or Quartz?

Best Kitchen Countertop

The three best kitchen countertop material and their favorable and unfavorable properties are down below-



Granite is a resilient material with high durability. It can be very classy as a kitchen countertop. It is vastly heat resistant and also scratch and stain-resistant. However, it might be unaffordable for some. Also, maintenance is costly for granite. Granite is a porous material. It needs sealing while installation and resealing for upkeep. While it can be expensive, it wears very well. So many people might look at it as a long term profitable investment.



Marble countertops look very posh and trendy. They have many different color options. But other than looks, marble is also an excellent material for countertops. It is heat resistant and handles wear and tear well. However, marble is a highly porous material. If you spill any colored liquid on it, the chances of stains are very high. The liquid seeps in quickly, and the marks can be hard to remove. Hence you have to use sealants to seal the material. Also, it might need frequent resealing to help with the porosity as the material wears. Marble is also not scratchproof. Sometimes there can be chips if hard utensils hit the surface. Again, like granite, marble is costly. But for some, it might be worth the price if it is a classy look you are after.



Quartz kitchen countertops have a sleek and uniform look to them. It has the most significant number of color options to offer anyone. It looks terrific and classy too. Unlike the other two materials on the list, quartz is non-porous. Hence, it does not need any sealing treatment. Also, there are no chances of staining or even chipping. The upkeep is quite easy; washing with mild detergent will suffice. However, having said all that, quartz is quite costly. That is reason enough for many people to turn away from it. But, like granite, many people look at a quartz countertop as an excellent long term investment that has good pay off. Nothing will beat the appeal and sophistication you get from a modern, edgy quartz kitchen countertop.

What's The Best Kitchen Countertop: Marble, Granite Or Quartz?

What’s The Best Kitchen Countertop: Marble, Granite Or Quartz?

The Final Call

All three top materials have their respective pros and cons. While neither is a clear winner or a loser, one might be better suited to you than the other two. It all depends on the kind of home design and, more importantly, the type of kitchen you want. There are several factors one needs to look at, like cost, care, maintenance, aesthetics, utility, etc. So, it is mostly a matter of personal choice, preference, and priorities.

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