What To Expect In A Typical Greek Restaurant

What To Expect In A Typical Greek Restaurant

With the explosion of tourism in Greece and other European countries, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of restaurants. Most of these are food chains and mostly involve the same old food. Therefore, if you’re thinking of visiting Greece and you’re looking for a Greek restaurant that offers more than just pizza, I recommend checking out some of the many great cafes in Greece. You’ll be amazed at the many choices that are available.

What To Expect In A Typical Greek Restaurant
What To Expect In A Typical Greek Restaurant

It’s very important to find out how long a restaurant has been in business before deciding to visit any of the restaurants in Greece. Sometimes it’s even more important than the food because if the restaurant is new or doesn’t have a long history to its name, you might end up spending your entire stay in Greece complaining about the service, food, or location.

Before choosing a restaurant for your stay in Greece, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with a few places. Check out any major tourist area for Greek restaurants. In addition, look at the nearby tourist areas and see if there are any in your favorite area.

List Of Best Greek Restaurants:

Halki Greek Restaurant:

In Athens, the city’s most popular Greek restaurant is Halki, located near the Acropolis Museum. You’ll find a wide variety of Greek food at this restaurant including sandwiches, appetizers, and entrees. Another popular Athens restaurant is La Roulade, a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired restaurant.


In Crete, there are a lot of great restaurants to choose from. Some of my favorites include the Bacardi hotel restaurant and Bakos restaurant. In Oia, I’d recommend searching for a classy restaurant that serves traditional Greek cuisine.

Efika Greek Restaurant:

Another popular Greek restaurant is Efika. They offer diners traditional Greek food as well as international cuisine. The old Greek style restaurant of Zografiki offers some great tasting local delicacies as well as regional, international cuisine.

I should mention that in Athens, you’ll find a few great restaurants that are specifically designed for Greek food. These include Cypriot, Agrati, and Athens-Greek. The Athens Greek is one of the best examples of a truly “Greek” restaurant.

Now that you know what some of the best Greek restaurants are, let’s talk about their food. There are a lot of differences between the cooking styles of Greek and other countries, so it helps to know a little bit about food in general. This will help you decide which type of food to order and how much it costs.

Difference Between Greek And Other Cooking Styles:

The main difference between Greek and other cooking styles is that traditional Greek cuisine has a much heavier flavor. Even the most seasoned traveler might find it difficult to eat some of the food that is served in Greek restaurants. The heavier, richer flavors come from greater use of olive oil, sour cream, and the likes.

What To Expect In A Typical Greek Restaurant
What To Expect In A Typical Greek Restaurant

To accompany the heavy flavors, most Greek restaurants use a lot of simple ingredients like tomatoes, olives, garlic, and onions. Many Greeks also use a much smaller amount of meat as well as fewer spices than many other countries. They also serve as little as 4 ounces of oil per person, which is significantly less than traditional Western restaurants.

For a general idea of what to expect in a typical Greek restaurant, I would recommend checking out a few restaurants in Athens. Each of these restaurants offers a variety of food and cooking styles. If you’re staying in Athens or a neighboring area, the Ano Patras restaurant is a very popular and traditional Greek restaurant with a lot of history.


For a bit more variety, check out any other city in Greece for a Greek restaurant. Most of these establishments will be similar to the aforementioned, but the quality and variety will vary widely from location to location.

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