Table Manner Tips You Shouldn’t Forget, Ever!


Even when we are still kids, our parents taught us the right manners and good conduct. There are different kinds of manners which we actually adapt during our childhood from our elders. One of these manners is by having the right table manners. If you have forgotten them, then let us remind you some of the most important table manners you should never forget.

Here are the table manner tips you should always remember

Chew with your mouth closed

If speaking while your mouth is full is a big no-no when it is a must that you close your mouth as well as you chew on your food. Just imagine, chewing your food with your mouth open. Crumbs after crumbs will surely fall out. Now that’s one way for the other people eating with you to lose their appetite.

Please no more Smartphones on the table

No matter how busy or important those calls may be, please, try to avoid putting your phone on the table. As much as possible, keep it inside your purse or even in your pocket. This will, in fact, help you to engage in more conversation with your friends and family than taking pictures and posting food and drinks in every social media you have an account with.

Table Manner: Don’t stab your food

Yes, don’t ever stab or shove your food using your utensils. It is very inappropriate for you to that since it could offend the host of the table. Shoving your food away or even stabbing them only means one thing – the food is not good.

Don’t pick your teeth

If you need to pick on your teeth, make sure to excuse yourself and go to the restroom instead. It is very inappropriate to pick teeth while on the table and there are still people who are enjoying their meals. So the next time you need to clean your teeth when something gets stuck in it, go to the restroom and do all the picking you need.

Napkin is essential

Remember to use your napkin in wiping your mouth and hands. It is important that you wipe your mouth from time to time especially if your food has sauce on it. You should also tap it on your mouth after you drink.

Chew your food well

It is important that you chew your food well before you actually take a drink. This way, you will avoid any accidents such as choking. It will, in fact, help a lot if you will cut or slice your food into small and bite-sized pieces. This will surely help you to chew it easily and swallow it without any problems at all. Make sure as well that you finish the first batch of food you put into your mouth before you take another bite.

Table Manner: Sit properly

It is important that you sit properly while eating. Slouching will not only make you feel uncomfortable but this could also cause some tummy issues. Slouching could also offend the host of the table. Another thing you should never do is to prop your elbow on the table.

Ask someone for the food to be passed

So, you want that plate of rice but it’s on the other side of the table. Are you going to stand and pick that plate by yourself? It is not right to do that. Instead of standing up or reaching out for the plate you want, you should ask someone who’s near that plate to pass it around. This will also help avoid any accidents on the table.

Take part in the conversation

No matter how hungry you are, make sure to take part in the conversation. Some simple thoughts, a simple nod, and the agreement will be nice. This will help keep the dinner alive. You don’t have to be the center of attention as you chew and chat. Just share some of your thoughts and agree to others with their stories will perfect make that dinner a pleasant one.

Table Manner: Use the right utensil

If you are going to a formal dinner, make sure that you actually study the names, positions, and usages of those utensils you will most likely see on the table. This way, you will not embarrass yourself as you pick the wrong utensil. Consider this if you are going to attend a hotel affair or such wherein formal table settings are normally applied. This way, you will not only enjoy the food itself but will help you avoid any embarrassing moment.




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