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Popular Dessert Shops You Should Visit

Popular Dessert Shops You Should Visit

Everyone loves dessert, even those who are on a strict diet plan. They still crave dessert from time to time. Dessert varies from cakes, pastries, to ice cream and cones. There are tons of different kinds of desserts which you could choose from. In fact, the selections are endless. If you are looking for some dessert shops while you are here in Hong Kong then this review will be your best guide.

Here are the popular dessert shops you should visit while you are here in Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies

Some of us are in gelato and ice cream. If you are one of those people who love to spend their time enjoying that thick and creamy delight then this is the best place for you. They are very much known not just among the locals but most of all by the tourists who keep coming back. If you wish to try their treats then better order for their popular artisan gelato and crafted egg-waffle ice cream. You will surely love its creamy taste. Two thumbs up for this gelato dessert shop.

Lab Made

You probably have heard about that nitrogen ice cream wherein you could actually eat ice cream that has a smoke on it. If you are in search of a good and amazing tasting ice cream with a twist then this is the best place to be. They serve the best first liquid nitrogen ice cream. You and the entire family will certainly love this place and the treats they are offering. A must visit dessert shop here in Hong Kong.

Honeymoon Dessert

Mangoes have been one of the top fruits here in Hong Kong which help a lot of people create an amazing dessert. If you love mangoes then better check out this place today. Make sure to order their two bestseller treats – Yeung Chi Kam Lo (made of mango, grapefruit, sago, coconut milk, carnation, sugar and ice cream) and Mango Pancakes. Both are refreshing and sweet that will surely delight your taste bud.

Heart’s Dessert

After you have made your shopping, why not go for some sweet treats. Here in Hong Kong, you will find different dessert shops serving amazing and mouthwatering desserts. If you are a coconut lover, make sure to visit this place today. You will certainly love their dessert especially the Coconut Water Pudding, made from coconut water turned into jelly, topped with creme caramel. It is one of the best desserts here in Hong Kong today and popular among the locals and tourists.

Mammy Pancake

Pancakes will always be pancakes and no matter what you say, everyone loves it! If you are craving for some fluffy and soft pancakes then this will be the best place to dine in. They serve the fluffiest pancakes ever! No wonder you will surely need to wait for your turn before you could order for their pancakes because of the long line. Two thumbs up!

Yee Shun Dairy Company

If so happens that you are here in Hong Kong during the summer then make sure to check out this place. You must try their Steamed Milk Pudding – refreshing and just the perfect pudding drink after a long walk. Your kids will also love its not too sweet taste. It is a must visit dessert shop here in Hong Kong if you wish to have a taste of their milky pudding drink.

Via Tokyo

Matcha is everywhere! You could get matcha cake, matcha candy and chocolate and such. If you are a matcha lover then this dessert sop will be your best stop here in Hong Kong. Make sure to order for their Soft-Serve Matcha Ice Cream and their Matcha Affogato. You should also try the other ice cream flavors which are also a bestseller on their shops like the Black Sesame, Houjicha, and even Hokkaido Milk. A must visit dessert shop for the entire family.

Givres Cafe

Dessert means sweet so if you are visiting Hong Kong with someone special then better take her to this amazing dessert shop. She will surely fall in love with the shops; bestseller rose shaped ice cream. This is the first dessert shop here in Hong Kong that serves such kind of delight. Two thumbs up indeed!

Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar

Desserts should not be sinful. Here, you will find a healthier alternative which will delight your taste buds. Check out their yogurt concoctions with flavors like Vanilla Sky, Mango Fever, and Matcha. Check out their cakes as well.

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