How To Make Sweet And Savory Boats

How To Make Sweet And Savory Boats


Boats are always a delight to satisfy our sweet tooth. They are full of flavors of different kinds and can be modified according to individual preferences. How about turning your simple mini loaves, cupcakes, and brownies into innovative boats? With the help of the boat press set now, you can easily prepare different sweet and savory boats of your choice.  

Once you take out the cupcakes or brownies hot from the oven, turn them into creative boats by using the boat press set. Press them into shapes of your choice and add your favorite fillings into them. 

But you need to know the correct steps to give perfect shape and taste to your boats. Here are some steps to follow: 

How To Make Sweet And Savory Boats

How To Make Sweet And Savory Boats

Pay Attention To The Texture of Sweet And Savory Boats

The texture is as important as taste when it comes to fulfilling eating experience. For instance, while having a cupcake, if you find it less moist and soft, you are sure to get disappointed. According to experts, the texture of baked items like cupcakes or brownies depends upon the “crumb.” Crumb refers to the density of the dough. The brownie will turn out moister if the crumb is small and tight. To prepare the perfect brownie for boat press recipes, the crumb should be preferably moist and chewy. The moist crumb allows the brownie in the boat to get the desired shape and hold the filling properly. 

Choose The Complementary Fillings Wisely

· Cornbread Boats,Sweet And Savory Boats

While preparing cornbread boats to try using a thick filling. If the filling is thinner and brothier, the boats will be difficult to eat. You may try pulled pork, chopped bacon or scrambled eggs to turn your cornbread boats amazingly delicious. 

· Baked Oatmeal Boats

The oatmeal boats are another delicious kind of boats that have a soft texture. They are chewy and comprises of crisp edges. You may add a fresh fruit filling to it to enhance the taste. Fruits like apples when finely chopped and mixed with yogurt are a perfect choice for oatmeal boats. This is so because such fillings do not let the base of the oatmeal boats to soften up. You can also preserve such fillings in the refrigerator for some days. Simply reheat them for sometime before using them as toppings or fillings on your oatmeal boats. 

  • Cookies With Chocolate Chip 

  • The secret of making your cookies taste better is to coat them with some melted chocolate from the inside. By doing so, you can get a hard and crispy texture of the cookies. In preparing sweet and savory boats from the cookies, always remember to dip them in melted chocolate. Do this after getting them pressed so that there is no chance for the milk to spill out. 
How To Make Sweet And Savory Boats

How To Make Sweet And Savory Boats

Use Graham Cracker Cream In Your Boats

If you are a cereal lover, graham cracker whipped cream boats are a must-try. To avoid their sticky texture, it is advisable to wrap a plastic sheet in your boat press. Grease the boat press with oil or butter and wrap it with plastic sheets before pressing the boat mixture. 

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