Great Place That Serve Sushi Dish

Great Place That Serve Sushi Dish

Everyone loves sushi! It is one of the best dishes from Japan which everyone loves. If you are looking for a place where you could get amazing and great tasting sushi dish then you should check out this review today. We have gathered the best places that serve the best sushi today. Go and gather your friends around and have a great sushi dish hunt over the weekend!

Here are the great places that serve amazing sushi dish


This is one jam-packed place where you could get mouthwatering sushi dish at all times. They serve the best yuzu-miso-marinated aubergine, the skinned, squidgy little pieces of veggie flesh given an uncanny taste of doughnut glaze by sweet sesame. Anzu is a polite, brasserie-style Japanese eatery in the slightly corporate St James’s Market development.

Bone Daddies

If you wish to get the best sushi dish and other Japanese delights then this is the best place to be. You will also love their one of the richest bowls of tonkotsu ramen you’ll find in London: the broth made from 20-hour simmered pork bones; sweet miso and butter ramen; and sesame sauce and peanut-laced tantanmen noodles slicked with chili oil.


After a long work day, why not treat yourself on one of the best places that serve sushi dish today? You will surely fall in love with their Nobu-esque curved potato ‘tar-tar’ chips filled with minced fatty tuna, avocado, and wasabi/jalapeño sauce offered an inviting taster of the style. The much-celebrated seared wagyu beef nigiri garnished with cubes of ponzu jelly and minced truffle was also a triumph.

Dinings SW3

If you love the Dining version where you could get amazing sushi dish then you will certainly love this one too. There was sashimi of fatty salmon belly with a microscopic ‘Nikkei salsa’; seared, delicately sweet nigiri of Santa Barbara shrimp as well as their shrimp tempura maki rolls, with crispy tempura flakes and a piquant sauce of creamy, spiced, pickled cod roe will be unforgettable.


There are many amazing places where you could get sushi dish that will stratify your cravings such as this one. You will surely love their defacto main of wagyu, cooked nearly rare but sizzle slowly into medium territory on a hot rock: a buttery, heavily marbled little platter of beefy goodness. You will also love their cup of cold soba noodles, dotted with edamame and swimming in a decent miso broth was a fine appetizer, while a little mound of toro (fatty bluefin tuna), seared wagyu and miso jelly.

Ippudo Central Saint Giles

This sushi dish place is one of the most classic restaurants in London wherein you could find the best sushi dish and ramen. They are also known for their pork broth tonkotsu ramen. This sushi dish place also has branches in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and across Japan. This is the Japanese company’s first foray into Europe.


Are you craving some Japanese food? Then why not check out this sushi dish place today here in London? They are known with their moreish tsukune skewers – packed full of chives – came with a raw egg to dip the meat into. As well as their English pub grub with a katsu curry scotch egg – the yolk runny, the coating crisp, the meat juicy.


If you happen to be here in London then why not check out this sushi dish place today. You will surely love their food and drinks. They are in fact known for their soup noodles. Kanada-Ya launched its first UK location at 64 St. Giles High Street in September 2014. The smallest one out of all three of their branches with only 24 covers, the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

Koi Ramen Bar

There is nothing more relaxing than to dine in one of the best sushi dish places here in London, especially after a long day’s work. This sushi dish place is known for their classic tonkotsu (12-hour-simmered pork bone broth) ramen, served with tender, char-grilled pork belly slices, bouncy noodles and crunchy kikurage (cloud ear) mushrooms. And a vegan ‘mellow miso’ version with fried tofu, shredded carrot, and spring onion.

These are just some of the most preferred sushi dish places here in London which you and your family could check out over the weekend. We assure you that you will satisfy your cravings with all their mouthwatering food and drinks.

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