Dining Trends 2019: What Do Modern Diners Want


Every year there is a shift in the restaurant offerings and diner expectations. It calls in for a definite change in dining trends 2019 as well. We will have a look at these shifts below:

Restaurant Menus For Maximum Social Influence

Nowadays, everything is on social media platforms. Social media have entirely revolutionized the industry for food. Restaurants in these modern times are curating their menus for creating social impact.

YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories have extended the trend. In fact, it is going beyond single snapshots. Dining experiences are now captured in videos, and these are reigning supreme. There are even restaurants creating beverages and plates with video views at the core.

Dining Trends 2019: What Do Modern Diners Want
Dining Trends 2019: What Do Modern Diners Want

Extensive Use Of Technology – Dining Trends 2019

Technological tools have wide use in the food industry. There are tools specifically designed to cater to both the front end and the backend. Restaurants across the world are using technological advancements for improving efficiency for both staff and consumers. In other words, tech has become an integral part of experiences at dining spaces.

Hi-tech tools like robots, drone deliveries, and app-based checkouts have become a part of discovering and exploring different dining phases.

Complete Transparency In Serving Food

Among all other dining trends this year, full transparency kin serving food is one trend that has got the local producers alive. More and more restaurants are serving local produce, and this, in turn, is supporting the small scale farmers and producers.

Restaurants across the world have become transparent regarding the origin, growth, sourcing, and processing methods of the food they are serving. They are also open about corporate performances, pricing, and compensations. Dining venues are even incorporating seasonable products like cheese, homemade pickles, and honey in their food preparations. Some even have their very own gardens providing ample ingredients for their menus.

Diners Are Not Looking For Meals But Experiences- Amazing Dining Trends 2019

The modern-day diners are no longer concerned about what they are eating. Instead, they want to have great experiences. Dining enthusiasts of the present times have this profound liking for narrative orb experiential dining.

This trend has led to the popularity of themed restaurants where people can have good dining experiences. After all, who does not like to have food amidst wall murals, pastel-colored stalls, and colorful doors and windows?

Dining Trends 2019: What Do Modern Diners Want
Dining Trends 2019: What Do Modern Diners Want

Informing The Consumers

Dining destinations are working towards keeping their consumers informed about what they are eating.  For instance, there are applications for helping the diners understand certain unfamiliar ingredients.

All this with the help of technology!

Healthy Dining Spaces And Natural Embellishments

Nowadays, restaurants provide food that is beneficial for the mind and the body. They are making use of functional ingredients to offer healthy and natural relaxation to the diners.

Using food for relaxation remains at the core of the working principle of every food venue. Thus, there is an extensive use of karkade, cannabis, and collagen in restaurant menus.

So, if you like to go out for dinner on a regular basis, you should have these trends in mind.

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