Diet And Weight Loss Dessert Recipes


In today’s world, with the increasing competition and complexities, we fail to take proper care of our self. Moreover, the growing trend of fast food also takes a toll on our health. This adds to our increasing weight. Therefore we need to follow a proper diet that will help us in weight loss. Moreover, desserts are something that we need after every meal. But desserts contain a high level of sugars and fats that adds to our weight. But there exist many fat-free dessert recipes that you can try. Let us have a look at the various Weight Loss Dessert Recipes.

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Diet And Weight Loss Dessert Recipes
Diet And Weight Loss Dessert Recipes

Apple Cranberry Cobbler- Weight Loss Dessert Recipes 

This apple cranberry dessert recipe contains a high amount of nutrients.
Moreover, it also contains less sugar that aids in weight loss. The main ingredients of this dessert recipe are low-fat granola without raisins. Low fat granolas are unique food items that help one to maintain the weight. Moreover, it also contains jaggery instead of sugar, thus making it sugar-free.

Berries With Custard Sauce And Mint – Weight Loss Dessert Recipes 

This recipe is one of the simplest and hardly takes anytime. You need to prepare the marsala custard and pour it over the berries. Moreover, berries contain a high amount of antioxidants that aids in weight loss. The presence of mint in this recipe also increases the metabolism of the body that melts the unnecessary fats. Moreover, you can even opt for this recipe on the summer days as your dinner.

Diet And Weight Loss Dessert Recipes
Diet And Weight Loss Dessert Recipes


Mini Dark Chocolate Mocha Mousses – Weight Loss Dessert Recipes 

Chocolate mousses are something we cannot say no to them ever. But we avoid eating them due to its high calories. But do not worry since this recipe contains low calories. Moreover, the method also uses low-fat cream cheese that ensures your good health. This recipe also enables you to maintain your health, as well. The formula also includes unsweetened cocoa powder as well. You can also opt for fresh mint leaves in this recipe for better taste and health.

Roasted Pear With Crumble Topping 

This dessert recipe contains unsweetened cocoa powder and custard powder that helps you maintain weight. Moreover, the presence of roasted pear in this recipe also provides you with high levels of stamina and good health. The method also includes rolled oats as well as one of its main ingredients. The presence of all the healthy and low-calorie items in this dessert recipe provides you with good health. Moreover, oats and roasted opera allow maintaining the ideal weight.

Cherries With Ricotta And Toasted Almonds

Almonds and ricotta are one of the best options you must eat for maintaining the weight. Moreover, they also contain a high amount of nutrients as well that provide you with good health. The presence of low – sugar cream cheese ensures that you consume fewer amounts of calories. Moreover, the presence of slivered toasted almonds provides the recipe with crunchiness and exotic taste.


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