Business Etiquette Tips to Remember

Business Etiquette Tips to Remember

It is a must that you fully understand how to make your guests feel at home and comfy during the dinner party you are holding. This also applies if you are going to have a business dinner with a prospective investor or client. There are certain important things you need to know in order to have a pleasant business dinner. Read on and find out more about these business etiquette tips.

Here are the business etiquette tips you should always take note

Tips for Hosting a Business Dinner/Meal

Make sure to choose the place

It is important that you choose the restaurant wherein you wish to hold your business dinner. In fact, it is not a good idea to let your guests choose the restaurant. However, if you are not sure as to whether your guest will like the place or the food which that restaurant will serve or not, better ask them ahead if they have preferred a place to dine in. This way, you can be sure that you are on the right path.

Always pay for the dinner

It is inappropriate to let your guest pay for the dinner. Make sure that you pay for everything, from food to drinks. If you feel uncomfortable handing out your card/cash to the waiter after your meal, make sure to talk to the manager ahead of time to hand you the receipt as soon as you are done with your meal. This way, your guest will not feel uncomfortable that just might make him offer you a share of payment on the meal. Never accept his shares, no matter what.

Understand their cues

You should learn how to understand your guests especially when they are giving cues to you. It will be nice to announce the menu or the flow of the dinner course. This way, you will be able to see a hint if they are not comfy with the course and such. Offer a drink or maybe a coffee and dessert after the meal. Say something nice about the coffee and cakes that restaurant is serving and that you two should give it a try. Let your guest choose his own cake or dessert.

Resolve issue professionally

Accidents and unexpected things do happen when you least expect it no matter how careful you are or even the person around you. For example, your waiter accidentally spills water on the table, show empathy to the person. In case your reservation was not booked right, talk to the manager politely and ask for any alternatives. It is important that you still show professionalism wherever you go. Bear in mind that these persons have their own mistakes and such too, don’t be too harsh on them.

Tips for The Guests

Every meal is an opportunity

It is important that you take every meal as an opportunity. This means that you should enjoy the food and drinks and of course your company. Since it’s going to be a business dinner, make sure to contribute to the conversation.

Take the host’s lead

No matter what, make sure to take the lead of your host unless he asks for any suggestions and such. But if you need to ask him for the kind of food he is ordering especially if you have allergies, you can always ask your host politely for another option. This way, you and your host will be able to have a nice dinner without any worries at all.

Tips for all

Drink in moderation or not all

Since this is going to be a business dinner, make sure to drink in moderation or better yet not at all. This way, you will have a clear mind all throughout the conversation. There are some people who drink and got nasty effects on their mind and body. In order to avoid any issues, do not drink at all. A coffee will do.

Know their international custom

If you are going to have international guests, make sure that you respect and apply their customs. If they are costumed to use chopsticks and such, see to it that you choose a place where they could fully enjoy the food as well as the customs of their country. It is important that you make them feel at ease and relax. This way, they will be able to trust you.

These are just some of the business etiquette tips you should consider to have a nice and pleasant business dinner. Apply them and you will surely see amazing results.



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