Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas

Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas

There is nothing more relaxing and fulfilling than to have a platter of steak after a long game from the casino, right? Just imagine the juicy and large cut of ribeye steak smothered with thick brown gravy served with stir-fry veggies and melted butter on top. You will find different steakhouses here in Las Vegas serving an amazing list of steaks and other mouthwatering dishes. Read on and find out where you should have your steak the next time you are here in Las Vegas.

Here are the best steakhouses in Las Vegas you should check out

Delmonico Steakhouse

If you are into some amazing and hard to put down steak then this is the best place to be. They are known for their classics like Bone-In Ribeye and Chateaubriand, at The Venetian. You and your friends will surely love the place itself. You will also love their impressive selections of whiskeys. So, the next time you are tired and famished after a gambling game in the casino, make sure to have your dinner here.


If you are into rib eye steak then you should check out this amazing place. Though the price may not come in the cheap side of the world, you will still love it. In fact, it is worth ordering! After you have that sumptuous dinner, make sure to go to the bar and have a nice shot of their ever-popular jalapeño infused blood orange with Tequila for one more shot of good life! Great place, great food indeed.

Prime Steakhouse

There is nothing more luxurious than in this steakhouse in Las Vegas. Imagine you will not only be able to enjoy the view from their breath-taking patio but with their option of food as well. You will love their rib eye steak with gratin and asparagus. Though you have to pay with its pricey amount, you will surely enjoy every bit of your stay here in this steakhouse.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

While you are here in Las Vegas, better not leave the place without trying the best Chicago Style In-Bone Ribeye you will ever taste in your entire life! This place is very much-loved not just by the locals but with the tourists as well because of this mouthwatering steak. Tourists and even celebrities have been spotted dining here with their platters of rib eye steaks. So, if you wish to get a taste of the world’s best steak then better have your dinner here tonight.

Gallagher’s Steakhouse

Another great place to have ribeye steaks is here at Gallagher’s Steakhouse. Don’t forget to order their famous Butternut Squash soup as well. This will surely make your dinner more appetizing and memorable. They serve their steaks according to the level of preparation you desire. Some prefer it medium rare as they say the taste and texture are more succulent and sumptuous. Try it out tonight and see for yourself.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House

If you are looking for a steak that will actually melt into your mouth then this is the best place to be. Don’t forget as well to order for their Osso and we are sure you will surely love it too. Once you are done with their steaks and Osso, make sure to have slice of their homemade cakes. This will certainly complete the night.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Cowboy ribeye steak is what makes this place a hit. If you wish to have a large size dinner and fulfill your steak cravings then this is the best place to be. You will surely feel like the winner of gold once you have tasted their ever-popular cowboy rib eye steak. No wonder more and more tourists keep coming back to this place. You will surely do once you have a taste on their specialty.

Echo & Rig

Finding the perfect place that does not only serve mouthwatering steaks but also thirst-quenching drinks is in fact very unusual. But with this place, you will surely fall in love with their selections. They serve the best Cosmo made with white cranberries and ribeye w/blue cheese. These will certainly make your dinner a complete blast. You will also love their cauliflower and bacon grits. Two thumbs up for this amazing steakhouse.

These are just some of the steakhouses here in Las Vegas you should check out today. You will never go wrong about their selection of food and drinks. These places will make your vacation one unforgettable trip ever.



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