Best Pastry Chefs In The World For 2020

The Best Pie Pans On The Market

Pasty is something that you can easily make at your home if you have the basic knowledge of cooking and baking. But some people are masters of this art form. A pastry baking is not just cooking food in the oven. It’s more than that, and today we are going to showcase the best of the pastry chefs around the world and why you need to follow them to give an extra touch of the expert pasty maker to your pastries. These masters of culinary practice have many gold and silver trophies in their cabinets and have been on cooking shows. Also, if you want to learn their recipes, you can buy their cookbooks where they tell you the story behind the dish and how you can make the same dish while staying at home with the help of your regular oven. As a result, they are not the ones who like to hide their recipes; they are the ones who love to share the joy of cooking and help the world in making a better-tasting place.

Best Pastry Chefs In The World For 2020

Best Pastry Chefs In The World For 2020

The Difference Between Pastry And Cake

It’s a common mistake to name cake a pastry and pastry a cake. Even some people in our office makes the same mistake. Well, we can help you identify which one is which. So you don’t embrace yourself in front of people who know a thing or two about baking. 

A Cake if we put a sweet food made from a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, and sugar. You can bake it sometimes and use icing to decorate it. The cake can be of different shapes and sizes and can be of different flavors as well. They are linked to a blank canvas. You can add your characters to it if you want. 

On the other hand, we have pastries, which are made from daugh, water, and fat. A pastry is something which you put on baked dishes such as the pies you baked in your oven. The main difference is between the texture. A cake is more on the softer side of the desert. Whereas pastry has a more defined shape, and you can’t change it once it is made. 

Best Pastry Chefs You Need To Look For

Pierre Hermé

Also known as the Piccaso of Pastry, it is clear that this man has a talent for the pastries. Also, he’s famous for his rich macrons, which do have some unusual taste in making it one of the dishes you need to try in your lifetime. He’s France’s pastry chef of the year. Right now, if you want to find him and his recipes, you need to visit one of his two Michelin star restaurants in France.

Best Pastry Chefs In The World For 2020

Best Pastry Chefs In The World For 2020

François Payard One Of The Best Pastry Chefs

If you want to know a person who has the pastry empire spread all across the globe. Then you might be interested in this person. François Payard’s unmatchable skills have set him apart from the rest of the chefs and helped him establish several pastry shops all around the world. In addition to this, he is the one who created many luxurious deserts. If you want to make your extra wedding special, you can order cakes from his website. 

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