Best Four Pastries Types – Perfect At Home


The pastry is dough, which made from all-purpose flour, eggs, and water. Cheese and sugar also added in the dough to get the rich flavor and smooth texture. There are different pastries types available. The pastry is adorned only through eggs, but sometimes, the eggless dough also made.

Categories Of A Good Pastries Types

  • Light golden and brown color
  • Lightness without soggy
  • Flakiness
  • Shortness without breaking up
  • Flavor
  • Tenderness without crumbling

The pastry used to make so many sweets and some food. However, it is essential to use the exact pastry type for the product for filling. Moreover, it is not difficult to understand where to use and which pastries types to use. Take a look at some of the pastries types.

Best Four Pastries Types; Perfect At Home
Best Four Pastries Types – Perfect At Home

ShortCrust Pastries

Shortcrust pastry is one of the types of pastry, used in pies. Moreover, it is a common type of pastries types for using in the variety of sweets and baked goodies. This shortcrust pastry is consists of butter, flour, and water to knead the dough. By mixing all the ingredients, you can get this perfect shortcrust pastry to use. It forms crispiness at the bottom of the pie crust. The best flour for this shortcrust pastry is that self-rising flour.

Puff Pastry

Puff pastry is one of the richest pastries types as it contains equal measurements of flour and fat substance. The process of combining a fat with the flour is different from the flaky and shortcrust pastry. However, this pastry made with the same ingredients as shortcrust pastry. Layering the pastry dough for the puff pastry is a very time-consuming process, yet the results are worth it. The butter and water expand the pastry and makes it to self-rise the dough. The dough rises when it gets steams. However, it is one of the most challenging pastries types when compared to other types.

Rough Puff Pastry – Pastries Types

Rough Puff pastry is none other than flaky pastry, which is the lightest dough. This puff pastry depends on large lumps of shortening throughout the dough process. It keeps on rolling the particles of dough lumps to separate from each other. However, this is similar to the flaky pastry process, but the fat includes differently. Therefore, we see these rough puff pastries commonly in sausage rolls, tarts, crusts, plaits, and other pasties. This pastry is one of the excellent choices to bake at home and made with diced or chilled butter, salt, flour, and water.

Best Four Pastries Types; Perfect At Home
Best Four Pastries Types – Perfect At Home

Choux Pastry

This choux pastry includes eggs as the must-have ingredient in the preparation. There will be a high quantity of water and flour, which is beaten into melted fat. This mixture again piped on the baking sheet or pan to get a puff. Mostly, these choux pastries type used in puffs, profiteroles, and eclairs. This dough can be cooked over the stove or oven. You can add eggs while you are cooking this dough on the stove. After preparing this dough, the moisture will turn into steam and puffs up the dough size. As a result, it is a pastry with a crispy crust and also can fill with cream. Even this choux pastry is a perfect choice when tops with melted chocolate.

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