Best Food Storage Container

Best Food Storage Container


Foods are one of our basic necessities as human. Without it, mankind would not survive. Our health is definitely dependent on foods and the quality of our foods depends on how we prepare it as well as how we store it. Our time changes rapidly so as our food.

Nowadays, people from metropolitan cities in different countries rely often on fast food chains, instant food packs and any ready to eat foods that you can buy from grocery stores and supermarkets. However, these foods usually have higher artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives that can cause health problems such as kidney stones, diabetes, hypertension and more. As we all know that prevention is better than cure, people are getting more conscious about their health and rely on fresh cook foods rather than eating fast foods all the time.

As one of the top manufacturers of quality kitchen appliances worldwide, Fullstar made another innovation in quality food storage. One way to prevent unpleasant odors as well as maintain or improve the quality of freshness of food is to use food storage containers.


There are many options to consider when it comes to storing food. As there are many innovations in plastic, there can be many ways to safely keep food fresh, clean and organized in the fridge and freezer. The use of high-quality plastic storage container and its proper use will keep making food last its freshness longer and free from mold and bacteria. When food is stored properly, it will lessen the chances of contamination as it avoids exposure to other bacteria and microorganisms. Even in storing dry food items, it is best to store them in airtight containers to keep it away from moisture. Make your preferences from the containers that are durable, easy to seal, resistant to cracking at low or cold temperatures, does not leach and resistant to moisture and vapor for maintaining excellent storage and freshness.

This 18 PIECE SET includes 9 containers with 9 lids. Wherein you can store and transport entrees and soups safely with the revolutionary snap –lock containers. It can also be utilized as storage for small arts and crafts supplies like clips, beads, locks and other accessories. It can be used when storing small food items or partitioned meals. Food containers are easy to carry sealed and always ready for a grab. If you wish to pack your snacks for work, school or travel, then your plastic food containers are your ideal go-to buddies. You can also utilize them for packing takeout food for your guests whenever you have parties and celebrations at home.

It has 5 different sizes to cater to all your storage needs. The set includes (1) 5.5L regular container; (2) 250ml. rectangular containers; (2) 100ml. round containers. The variety of shapes and sizes of containers allows you to use the storage depending on your preference. Storing different food is necessary since they also differ in shelf life. Storing them in appropriate containers and with ample temperature allow freshness and preservation longer.

The special feature of this food container is the Leak Proof 4-hinge locking system which forms an airtight, watertight seal between the container and the lid. These are great for lunch boxes for you and for your kids and can be good for freezing and heating in the microwave. The locking lids which are airtight helps the food stored safely as it doesn’t allow bacteria to enter while the air keeps on circulating around the food for proper cooling. The lids also help prevent spillage of food. Its transparent design can help you track what’s in store and helps in easy identification of food items available and see the amount of food left without opening the lid. As food can be seen easily, food leftovers can be consumed right away saving food and money and the lesser chances of forgetting to consume old food stocks.

Fullstar provides space-saving containers to maximize the spaces of freezers, fridge and cupboard area. It could also allow stacking without cracking which make it an efficient kitchen must have for organizing. It also saves you with the food preparation time and cleaning. When the food is kept clean, fresh and dry inside the plastic storage the quality of food including the flavors, colors and texture can be well preserved.

Fullstar has been FDA approved and proven to be BPA, phthalates and other toxins free. Fullstar Containers are refrigerator, freezer, microwave safe (base only, NOT lid). Thus making it a sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen must have.

Food Storage Containers with Lids - Airtight Leak Proof Easy Snap Lock and BPA Free Clear Plastic Container Set for Kitchen Use by Fullstar (18 Piece Set)

Food Storage Containers with Lids – Airtight Leak Proof Easy Snap Lock and BPA Free Clear Plastic Container Set for Kitchen Use by Fullstar (18 Piece Set)


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