Best Birthday Cocktail Bars in Dublin

Best Birthday Cocktail Bars in Dublin

So, your birthday is fast approaching. Are you planning to celebrate it with your friends or just by yourself? Whichever way, make sure to check out those cocktail bars here in Dublin. You will not only find their selection of drinks truly unforgettable but the place itself will certainly make you feel nostalgic. We’ve gathered some amazing cocktail bars here in Dublin you will surely love. Read on and find out more about those bars wherein you could have a great time.

Here are the best birthday cocktail bars in Dublin you should check out.

Rooftop Bar  The Marker Hotel

Since Dublin is considered to be the glummest places today, this cocktail bar will certainly make your top list. You will not only get the best selection of cocktail drinks but you will surely fall in love with its rooftop views. Make sure to try their Orient Express. It has infused flavors of Bergamot, hibiscus & Timur peppers, Star of Bombay gin, hibiscus syrup, lemon juice and egg white. The perfect cocktail drink to end the night right.


If you wish to feel carefree and bold even just for one night then this is the best cocktail bar you should be. This place is not only popular for their cocktail drinks but they also serve mouthwatering selections of food and cakes. Just don’t forget their ever-famous cocktail drink, the Beet It Martini. It has infused flavors of Fernet branca, kahlua, lime, vanilla, pineapple and beetroot shrub. You will surely love its sweet and tangy taste.


If you are looking for a place that could provide you with an amazing selection of birthday cocktail drinks then you will certainly love this place. In case your birthday will be on between Sundays and Thursdays then you can avail their popular ‘Pygtails’ which are half price. Make sure as well to try their famous other cocktail drink such as the Dark N Stormy. It has infused flavors of Havana Especial, bitters, citrus, sugar, ginger beer. Both delightful and delicious.

The Exchequer

This cocktail bar is known around Dublin with their extensive and delicious selection of cocktail drinks. You will certainly feel at home as soon as you stepped into the bar with their friendly and skilled staff. While you are there, make sure to try their most loved cocktail drink – the Blood Orange and Sage Daiquiri. It has infused flavors of Zapaca 23 rum, blood orange syrup, sage leaves and lime juice. This cocktail drink is both refreshing and packed with amazing flavors you will never forget.

The Liquor Rooms

Once you’ve entered into this amazing cocktail bar, you will certainly feel the vibe. You will find an amazing list of cocktail drinks with new ingredients (which you probably haven’t heard of before) but rest assured that you will love its taste. One of the best cocktail drinks is the Pistachio Mustachio which is infused with flavors of Beefeater gin, pistachio milk, lemon, and soda. This is one of the many drinks you should try.


If you are planning to bring your friends then better be it here in 777. You and your gang will love its selection of drinks and mouthwatering bites. During Mondays, you will be able to have two margaritas for just a price of one. Now that’s one great deal! While you are here at 777, make sure to try out their Salsa Noche. It is infused with the flavor of Blanco tequila, pear purée, cinnamon and lemon juice, topped with Prosecco and blackberry liqueur. A must-try cocktail drink of a lifetime!

The Vintage Cocktail Club

This is, in fact, one of the trendiest cocktail bars here in Dublin so expect its selection of cocktail drinks to be a little higher as compared to other cocktail bars which you will find here in the city. They also serve great tasting food that would go with your drinks. Since you are going to splurge on some cash then better try their famous High Tea. You will love its full packed flavors of Chase Distillery Marmalade Vodka, VCC cranberry tea, fresh citrus, green Chartreuse, raspberry, grapefruit, with a blood orange, cherry and mint sprig. Two thumbs up for this cocktail drink.

The Church

The best cocktail bar with load atmosphere and great music. Just the perfect place to celebrate your birthday, right? Make it more unforgettable by ordering their famous Dublin Bay Sunset. It has infused flavors of their own whiskey cocktail, a blend of Teelings Irish Whiskey, Grand Marnier, Lemon juice, orange juice, grenadine and dash of orange bitters. This cocktail drink will certainly make you feel happier. It has a fresh and zesty taste you will love.


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