Argentinian Veal Cutlets With Vegetables

Argentinian Veal Cutlets


Argentinian Veal Cutlets With Vegetables

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Argentinian veal cutlets come from Latin American cuisine. Latin America is a diverse region where the dishes differ from country to country. There are various famous cuisines of this region like tacos, tamales, tortillas, and also multiple salsas that are served all around the globe. Chefs of different countries have incorporated the original cuisine with some modifications. Therefore one such cuisine is Argentinian Veal Cutlets that is also a part of Latin American cuisine and served in every country with some or no change. Latin American cuisine is also famous for using spices.

Argentinian Veal Cutlets With Vegetables
Argentinian Veal Cutlets With Vegetables

Argentinian Veal Cutlets

The cutlets look like patties and are simple to make only with a few ingredients. The essential ingredients are peppers, vegetables, onion, and also corn oil. It is a bomb of flavors, and anyone can prepare it at home just like the chef’s way. Also, one needs no fancy tool or equipment to cook it at home.

Argentinian Veal Cutlets Recipe (Simple)

Cuisine: Latin America
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
Serves for: two people


Argentinian Veal meat in the shape of the cutlet- 2 pieces
Green pepper- 1 part
Red pepper- 1 part
Tomato- 1 part
Onion- 1 section (white)
Pepper grounded
Corn oil


First, wash the peppers and remove the seeds. Now cut the pepper into rings and also strips. The strips must be a little thick. Now slice the onion into thick rings and also wash the tomatoes and slice it. Now sprinkle some salt above the sliced vegetables and also add some pepper. Next, heat a grill or a serving pan and add the veggies and meat after dabbing with a kitchen towel. Keep turning the veal and the vegetables occasionally till it becomes brown. This will take a total of three minutes to cook the meat from both sides. The juice from the veal will start flowing as soon as it is properly cooked. Now drizzle some oil of corn and season well with pepper and also salt. The cutlet tastes excellent when served with barbecue sauce and lemon juice.

Nutritional Value Of Argentinian Veal Cutlet

The cutlet is a very healthy food or appetizer. However, one needs to check on the quantity intake while consuming it. The cutlet is high in calories, with 120 calories in one piece of the cutlet. The fat content is low i.e., only 3 grams. The cutlet is high in protein and has 23 grams of proteins in one piece.

Argentinian Veal Cutlets With Vegetables
Argentinian Veal Cutlets With Vegetables


Globalization has let people enjoy different and authentic cuisine from all over the world. Each cuisine is unique and has different content. Some are tricky, whereas some are simple to make. Not all cuisines are necessarily prepared in a restaurant kitchen. Perhaps, some can be easily made at home. Therefore next time when you check into a restaurant to have something exquisite, try the Argentinian Veal cutlet. The cuisine is high in flavors and also rich in ingredients.

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