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About Dining-Trends 2019

About Dining-Trends 2019

Introduction To Dining Trends 2019

If you stay updated with the industry trends, you get the upper hand when you begin your culinary career. The world of food moves at such a rapid pace that it is imperative to keep track. The following are a few mainstream dining-trends 2019 which will help you to get through the year 2019.

About Dining-Trends 2019
About Dining-Trends 2019

Testing Experimental Dining

The year 2019 shall witness the top-notch restaurants shift their focus on the development of special experimental offerings.

Due to the growth of informal dining habits and food delivery apps, restaurants must focus on providing exceptional dining experiences to retain popularity. A survey has revealed that 75% of people are inclined to pay more to experience a unique dining trend. Also, 50% of people are willing to pay more for the same meal if they get an opportunity to talk to the chef.

Emphasis On Alternative Proteins Consumption

Finding alternative proteins for meat has become a new trend as people now focus on environment-friendly foods.

The world’s top restaurants have now shifted their attention to seasonal and local vegetables. Animal proteins now function as a complimentary dish. In 2019, vegetable proteins like nuts, lentils, etc. will replace the conventional sources of proteins. You will also find chefs experimenting with the culinary role of insects. Insects prove to be a sustainable source of food with substantial concentrations of proteins, higher than agricultural meat. This is because they are available in almost all the places in the world in huge quantities. Dining trends 2019 are wonderful and interesting.

About Dining-Trends 2019
About Dining-Trends 2019

Increase In Online Ordering

A survey by the National Restaurant Association shows that 75% of consumers in the U.S order takeout or food delivery at least once weekly.

The delivery sales are expected to rise by more than 20%  by 2030. Although the concept of direct delivery still tops the list, food-delivery apps are continually increasing their consumer-base.

Using Recyclable Packages

To promote eco-friendly packaging, reduction in the use of plastic utensils and packaging only acts as the beginning. Increase in vegetarian or plant-based items on the menu, and the concept of zero wastage in kitchens attract sentient customers. These consumers look for opportunities to invest in establishments that have the same goal.

Food Courts Near Shopping Centres

Steps are taken to create shopping centers and food courts in the same area. This concept is already evident in malls. This trend will only be seen to increase in 2019.

Consumers Becoming More Aware In The Digital Age

The dining trends of 2019 will witness the diners taking additional steps to ensure to know more about the place where they choose to eat. Technology is also used to make meals that cater to the genetic codes of a particular person based on DNA data. Also, there are apps that aid the consumers in identifying ingredients that they are not familiar with.

Thus, we have summed up a few trends that are expected to leave a mark on the food industry this year. This will, therefore, be helpful for people who are unable to do their research due to lack of time. Staying updated with the latest trends is the only plausible way to remain in business in this dynamic society.

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