9 Best Ice Cream Shops This Summer

9 Best Ice Cream Shops This Summer

There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than to eat ice cold drinks and ice cream this summer. The cold and sweet taste of these treats will certainly melt away your stress. But before you could enjoy this treat, you should find the best ice cream shops wherein you could get the best tasting ice cream you will surely enjoy.

Here are the best ice cream shops to visit this summer

Bi-Rite Creamery

While you are in the San Francisco neighborhood, why not check this best ice cream shop where you could taste the best ice cream in this city. You will certainly love their signature ice cream like the salted caramel, Olive Oil, and Balsamic Strawberry flavored ice cream. They are very much known for their ice cream since they make sure to use the highest and freshest organic ingredients available.


Nothing beats the San Francisco heat, especially during summer. While you are in town, why not head straight to this shop and get a taste of their best ice cream selections. You have to try their famous soy ice cream options: Soy Mint Chocolate Chip and Soy Blueberry. These treats are also very much loved when paired with snickerdoodles.

Garden Creamery

If you wish to get a taste of unique invention of ice cream, then better check out this place today. They actually serve the best ice cream in the neighborhood. You have to try their signature flavors like the semifreddo popsicles, vegan sorbets, and Rice Krispy-treat sandwiches. You also need to get your taste buds on their churro-style Chimney Cones. However, this best ice cream flavor is only available every Saturday 2-4 pm. Just be prepared for the long line.

Humphry Slocombe

So what makes this best ice cream shop very much loved by many? Their unique ice cream flavor and its names. You have to try their Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee ice cream as well as their chocolate-covered potato chips and caramel. They love to name their best ice creams like Tom & Jerry, Michael Jackson, and even Elvis. You will certainly have a blast in his best ice cream shop here in San Francisco.

Ice Cream Bar/Castro Fountain

If you are looking for the best ice cream shop that serves adult ice cream (the one with a hint of booze) then this will be your best place ever. They do not only serve the best ice cream such as the cornmeal shortbread, crème fraîche and Morello cherry ice creams, cherry sauce and rosemary syrup but also the best milkshakes you’ll ever taste. So while you are in the neighborhood, why not check it out with your friends today.

Joe’s Ice Cream

They had a rough time when they were moved into another place. But this best ice cream shop never gave up. Now, they are more flourishing on their business serving their signature flavors to many residents and tourists here in San Francisco. You should check out their Coffee (try it in a Coke float), Ginger, Root Beer Swirl, and, for the adventurous, Wasabi. —Eve Batey.

Little Giant

Now with this best ice cream shop in town, you will surely get dizzy with their offered flavors. Imagine they are serving 12 flavor selections just for you! To help you start off right, better check out their signature flavors first. Their best ice cream flavors include the Fernet and Coke, Drunken Fig (white rum and Mission figs), Cardamom Raspberry, and Ugly Sweater (Jameson whiskey, pineapple, cranberry, M&Ms). These are just some of the flavors you will surely love.

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream

You will love its Asian connections in this San Francisco best ice cream shop. They are known for their generous flavors such as the mangosteen, guava, durian, soursop, lychee, black sesame, and more. These Asian flavors will certainly delight your mind and tickle your taste buds. A second scoop will not hurt at all. Two thumbs up for this best ice cream shop today.


This best ice cream shop has been established for many years. It has been in the ice cream industry for over 60 years serving amazing flavored ice cream which are in fact most of their ingredients were imported from the Philippines. You should try their horchata, avocado, Mexican chocolate, lychee, Peruvian lucuma, and two flavors made from types of Filipino coconut (buko and macapuno). These will certainly delight your taste buds.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these best ice cream shops today and you will surely love them all!

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