12 Coffee Bar and Shops You Should Visit

12 Coffee Bar and Shops You Should Visit

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. There are in fact different coffee bar and shops which you could visit near your place. You will find that coffee bar and shops filled with heartwarming coffee and teas a swell as cakes and pastries. It is also a good way to spend some time with your friends.

Here are the 12 coffee bar and shops you should check out today.

Ten Belles

This is one of the most loved coffee bar and shops in Paris. They are known when it comes to their offered high-quality house blends roasted by Belleville Brûlerie. Tourists, as well as the locals, couldn’t last a day without spending some time in this coffee bar. They love it so much that they actually invest in buying its mugs, reusable takeaway cups, and thermoses.

Café Loustic

If you wish to spend some time in a chic coffee shop in Paris, then this will be your best place ever. You will not only love their pink cushioned chairs and bright colored place but also their stellar chai latté, and specialty coffee by Belgian roaster Caffènation. This coffee shop is the perfect coffee shop to spend with a friend or even by yourself if you wish to relax alone.


This cozy coffee bar offers the best and excellent filter coffee, milk-based drinks, and lovely teas for the non-Java contingent. You will certainly find this coffee bar very much relaxing and you can read or even do your writing here for its peaceful and coffee filled air ambiance. Such a perfect coffee bar for those coffee lovers.


If you are looking for a good coffee bar that provides earl grey tea steeped in milk and also one of the best brunches in town then this will be your perfect place to be. You will certainly love this coffee bar with its Beatle songs blaring it the background.

Café Oberkampf

If you are in a search for a coffee bar where you could spend some time with your friends sharing your thoughts and such then this coffee bar will be the best place to be. It has a peaceful ambiance you will love. It offers the best filter, piccolo latte, or cappuccino; non-coffee-drinkers, the hot chocolate or chai latte.

Café Méricourt

This coffee bar does not only provide and offer the best coffee in Paris but also a good list of breakfast. It is the best place where you could get great tasting coffee as well as breakfast that will make your morning more fun and enjoyable.

Fringe Coffee

So what makes this coffee bar very much loved by Parisians and locals is their unique light fixtures fashioned like clouds above blonde wood tables. If you wish to get a place where you can gather your thoughts, then this coffee bar will be the best place for you.

O Coffeeshop

This coffee bar does not only serve the best tasting coffee in Paris but it also has the most attractive interior of light-blonde wood, marble tabletops, and turquoise accents. This is the kind of coffee bar you should spend time with your friends or loved one.


Locals and Parisians love this coffee bar a lot. It will surely make your taste buds tickle with joy and excitement with their offered list of coffee. They are in fact very much known for their lattes to expertly pull an espresso, plus some wildcards like café fromage—double espresso served with blue cheese. You will surely never forget this coffee bar.


This coffee bar is known with their wood countertops, vintage chairs, bistro floor tiles, and wide windows that let natural light pour in. They serve freshly brewed coffee as well as homemade treats.

Le Peloton Café

This coffee bar is known among cyclists in Paris. It is the perfect coffee bar where you could spend some time with your buddies. It serves flat whites, drip coffee, espresso, and a menu largely filled with sweet treats, like croissants and waffles with a side of jam.

La Fontaine de Belleville

Now if you need a good cup of coffee and a heartwarming plate of lunch then this coffee bar will surely provide you the best selection ever. They are very much known for their offered Croque monsieur, green bean salad, ham-and-cheese baguette sandwiches, deviled eggs, and mixed cheese and cured meat platters.

These are just some of the coffee bar and shops which you will surely love. Check them all out today.


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